What Our Customers Are Saying

“We had our son’s birthday party at RC Destination in Skowhegan. Everyone had an amazing time even the adults! My son broke his Traxxas during the party and they fixed it immediately to get him back on the track! The owners are always super helpful and very accommodating! Highly recommended for all your RC needs!”

–Josh Y.

“The guys there are very friendly. I was very impressed by how knowledgeable they are. I will definitely be getting all of my RC parts, accessories, and vehicles at this location before I spend money online somewhere.”

–Andrew S.

“Hard working family with great energy for the RC enthusiasts in central Maine. A great inventory and team to motivate our FUN!”


“Excellent customer service. Very very nice guys. This place has just about everything you would need or want for your truck. Not only trucks but he has planes and boats and tanks too. A bunch of RC stuff. You can get replacement parts to aftermarket upgrades. I’ve only been there twice now, but will be a regular customer sooner than later. You can’t beat the prices and there’s no wait for shipping.”

–Caleb S.

“I went by yesterday for the first time. And holy smokes awesome place. Has a lot of cool stuff great people. I will definitely go back for more.”

–Brandon B.

“Nice shop, friendly staff. Went out of the way to find what I needed.”

–Jesse N.

“I called up about an item I needed. They had it in the store and I said I would be right down for it. I ran into a few problems and did not get down for a few hours. When I called up to find out if they still had it, they told me yes and put it aside for me. And that is without me asking them to do it. Now this place didn’t know me, but when I walked in I didn’t feel like they met me for the first time. Awesome place. Can’t wait to go there again. I want to go and check out the store and everything they have. What they don’t have they will work with you on finding and getting it for you. A hobby shop that is well worth a visit.”

–Jason L.

“This is a great shop with great staff. I’m very new to RC and everyone here has been incredibly helpful. Very nice indoor crawling course and carpet track. Highly recommend.”

–Eric M.

“Best RC store I’ve ever been in, located right in Skowhegan! Staff is well knowledgeable and decent people, and tons of inventory for new and used RCs and there is a huge inventory of new parts aftermarket and stock to fix anything you break and they can and will help you fix them if you don’t quite know how. 5 star store all day!”

–Garrett N.

“Best RC store in the state of Maine. Owner is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Have had nothing but the best RC experiences at RC Destination. Dennis takes pride in his shop and it’s very noticeable. I’d recommend anyone to come shop here.”

–Wilder M.

“Great place to visit. I brought my 7-year-old granddaughter with us, and she was right in heaven. We did find her a pink and purple colored RC truck. We will be back for some toys for the collection soon. Thanks so much for helping me get some parts for a few of my damaged RC trucks I had. They are up and running now.”

–Greg M.

“Brought my 3-year-old son in there today to use the trails and left with a bunch of gear. Very friendly staff, cool bunnies, fun trails. The shop was extremely well stocked, and had everything I needed and more. It’s worth the drive people, just do it.”

–Kegan A.

“Just wanted to thank the crew at RC Destination for the support, knowledge, and great competitive prices!”

–Ken S.

“Awesome place, good help, and great people.”

–Derek F.

“Great place, great guys, helped me right out with a brushless upgrade and did a great job.”

–Barry W.